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Sleeves & Rings

SKU Title Price
N9086 4 Inch Latex Penis Extension £6.99
NS5702 Accommodator Dual Penetrators £9.99
N9874 Adrien Lastic Bullet Lastic Ring £8.99
N10004 Adrien Lastic Lingus Couples Cock Ring £4.99
N10457 Bound to Please Glans Ring £4.99
N10461 Bound to Please Metal Cock and Ball Ring £7.99
N10462 Bound to Please Metal Cock and Ball Ring £7.99
N10463 Bound to Please Metal Cock and Ball Ring £7.99
N10456 Bound to Please Triple Cock and Ball Ring £6.99
N3250 Candy Love Rings £1.99
N6022 Cock Cage Enhancer £5.99
N10956 Doc Johnson Platinum The Double Dip £10.99
N10870 Donut Cock Ring Extra Thick 2 Pack £2.99
N10869 Donut Cock Ring Multipack 3 Pack £2.99
N8071 Dr. Joel Kaplan Support Master Double Pleasure £4.99
N8072 Dr. Joel Kaplan Support Master Triple Smooth £4.99
N9954 Fifty Shades of Grey A Perfect O Silicone Love Ring £3.99
N9955 Fifty Shades of Grey Again and Again Adjustable Love Ring £5.99
N9570 Fifty Shades of Grey Feel it Vibrating Cock Ring £8.99
N9638 FX Perfect 3 inch Extension £19.99
N7395 Glow in the Dark Love Rings £1.99
N10818 Loving Joy Boss Textured Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop £7.99
N10725 Loving Joy Extra 3 Inch Penis Extension £6.99
N10726 Loving Joy Mighty 3 Inch Penis Extension with Ball Loop £8.99
N4103 Loving Joy Pocket Pleasers Adonis Penis Rings £1.99
N8434 Loving Joy Pocket Pleasers OooH Love Rings Black £2.99
N11111 Loving Joy Stretchy Double Cock Ring £1.99
N3780 Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring £1.99
N10915 Maxx Gear Silicone Vibrating Pleasure Ring £6.99
N10916 Maxx Gear Vibrating Cock Ring with Anal Beads Blue £10.99
N10910 My Cock Ring Scrotum Ring with Weighted Ball Banger Black £7.99
N10913 My Cock Ring Vibrating Cock & Ball Clincher Black £9.99
N10911 My Cock Ring with Ridged Vibrating Butt Plug Black £12.99
N5914 O Wow Vibrating Ring by Screaming O £11.99
N0914 Penis Extension £3.99
N8900 Rocks Off 4 Us 7 Speed Vibrating Cock Ring £8.99
NS6125 Rocks Off 8 Ball Cock and Ball Ring £6.99
N10743 Rocks Off Remix 7 Speed Cock Ring £17.99
N9624 Rocks Off RO £13.99
N10073 Screaming O Ohare XL £15.99
N5907 Screaming O Oyeah Vibrating Ring £11.99
N5900 Screaming O Plus Vibrating Ring £4.99
N5917 Screaming O Ringo £1.99
N9043 Screaming O Ringo 3 Pack £4.99
N9792 Screaming O RingO 3 Pack Clear £4.99
N9044 Screaming O Ringo Ranglers £1.99
N9691 Screaming O RingO XL £1.99
N10072 Screaming O SlingO £5.99
N5901 Screaming O Touch Plus Vibrating Ring £5.99
N5902 Screaming O Two O Vibrating Ring £5.99
N5899 Screaming O Vibrating Ring £3.99
N11106 Silicone Adjustable Double Cock and Ball Strap £7.99
N7862 Silicone Stud Lasso Ring £5.99
N10918 The MachO Vibrating Cockcage Black £10.99
N10430 Toy Joy Power Penis Sleeve Set £6.99
N10429 Toy Joy Power Stretchy Penis Sleeve £2.99
N6140 Ultimate Double Penetrator Ring £18.99
N10873 Vibrating 5 Function Cock Ring £6.99